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Tad is a free (MIT Licensed) desktop application for viewing and analyzing tabular data.

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A fast CSV file viewer that works on large files. CSV data is imported into SQLite for fast, accurate processing.


It's a Pivot Table for analyzing and exploring data in SQL data sources.


Designed to fit in to the workflow of data engineers and data scientists.


Tad 0.9.0 - Nov. 25, 2018

A packaged installer for Tad is available for macOS, Linux and Windows.

Tad is still new and under development so there is a reasonable chance you'll encounter bugs, UI annoyances, and corner cases while using Tad. Please report them via Help...Send Feedback.

If you're comfortable with that caveat, pick your platform and install:

Download for Mac Download for Linux Download for Windows

The above releases, along with a few additional formats (such as .rpm for RPM-based Linux Systems) are available at the Tad Releases Page on github.


To send feedback or report bugs, please email tad-feedback@tadviewer.com.

To learn about new releases of Tad, please sign up for the Tad Users mailing list.

This is a low bandwidth list purely for Tad-related announcements; no spam. Your email will never be used for third party advertising and will not be sold, shared or disclosed to anyone.

Release Notes

Tad 0.9.0 - Nov. 25, 2018

New Features
  • Export Filtered CSV - Export result of applying filters on original data set
Bug Fixes
  • Fix issue that prevented opening empty / null nodes in pivot tree
  • Correctly escape embedded HTML directives in CSV headers or data cells
  • Upgrade numerous internal dependencies (Electron, React, Blueprint, ...)

Tad 0.8.5 - June 28, 2017

New Features
  • European CSV support - support for ; instead of , as field separator.
  • IN and NOT IN operators, with interactive search and auto-complete UI.
  • A --no-headers option for opening CSV files with no header row.
  • Scientific Notation as format option for real number column type.
Bug Fixes
  • Add missing negated operators (not equal, does not contain, etc.) to filter editor.
  • Fix issue with Copy operation picking up incorrect cell ranges.
  • Fix issue in file format when saving / loading per-column format info.

Tad 0.8.4 - May 29, 2017

New Features
  • Rudimentary filters - simple list of predicates combined with AND or OR
  • Simple rectangular range selection and copy to clipboard
  • Footer showing row count information: Total Rows, Filtered Rows, Current View
  • Cross-Platform: First release for macOS, Linux and Windows
  • Sample CSV file included with distribution, linked in Quick Start Guide.
Bug Fixes
  • Pivoting on columns containing backslashes now works.
  • Improve error reporting of SQLITE errors when creating table during import.
  • Allow filenames that are all digits.
  • Correct handling of duplicate column identifiers that differ in upper/lower case.
  • Replace auto-create of symbolic link in /usr/local/binwith self-serve instructions in quick start guide.

Tad 0.8.3 - April 17, 2017

New Features
  • Tad can now be used to explore saved sqlite3 database files. For example, to explore table expenses in sqlite db file /data/accounts.sqlite:
    $ tad sqlite:///data/accounts.sqlite/expenses
    (Note that there are 3 slashes following sqlite:)

Tad 0.8.2 - April 12, 2017

Bug Fixes
  • Fix critical bug in pivoting by non-text columns

Tad 0.8.1 - April 9, 2017

New Features
  • Add support for Tab Separated Value (.tsv) files
Bug Fixes
  • Fix numerous issues with scrollbars and resizing of main window
  • Better support for long column names / many columns

Tad 0.8.0 - April 5, 2017

(Initial Public Release)